Dennis Nilsen

How Nilsen controlled his own legacy Mass murderer Dennis Nilsen, who confessed to killing 15 or 16 young men, but was only charged with six, is firmly established as one of Britain’s most notorious criminals.     His name is coupled with American Dr Crippen, war-time reservist policeman John Christie, the moors murderers Ian Brady and Myra …

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Enfield Poltergeist

After 40+ years the debate lives on Was it genuine paranormal activity or a sham dreamed up by two mischievous teenagers? Almost half a century after photographer Graham Morris and I made our way the Hodgson family home in Enfield’s Green Street on behalf of the Daily Mirror, opinion remains divided.The Starsky & Hutch posters …

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  Need a new writer? Send for a supersub ‘Bill Bryson is laying down his pen and retiring from books’ Ben Macintre wrote in The Times on October 16 2020. The remainder of this entertaining piece continued as follows:      The funny, insightful, amiable, furry and hugely popular American writer will be missed, and nowhere …

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