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Creative Writing

Write your way from lockdown Creative writing can be surprisingly therapeutic. It can help people recover from illness, surgery, bereavement, divorce or depression.      Some of the inspiring characters who have attended my creative writing classes have explained what writing had done for them, but the example I often use is from a stage play, …

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Dennis Nilsen

How Nilsen controlled his own legacy Mass murderer Dennis Nilsen spent the second half of his life in prison. The first half helped turn him into the monster he became: troubled teenager in Fraserbugh (pictured above), army chef, probationary police constable, civil servant and serial killer. What people know about or remember is 1983 when …

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  Need a new writer? Send for a supersub ‘Bill Bryson is laying down his pen and retiring from books’ Ben Macintre wrote in The Times on October 16 2020. The remainder of this entertaining piece continued as follows:      The funny, insightful, amiable, furry and hugely popular American writer will be missed, and nowhere …

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Ignoring a dark side of transplant surgery NHS surgeons conducted almost 4,000 organ transplants in 2019-20, a remarkable number that would probably surprise Christian Barnard, the South African surgeon who pioneered it with the first heart transplant back in 1967.      The UK figure would have been higher had more organs been available. There are …

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Covid gives Cornwall Price to play Covid-19 clobbered many things in 2020, among live music, not the least of which is jazz. Musicians, far from being the best paid component of the entertainment industry, suffered a dramatic loss of income.      All credit jazz guitarist Nigel Price who organised a mini tour for his quartet …

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Free bridge French style I learned the basics of bridge not sitting on my father’s knee exactly, but sitting next to him when he played with his father and two brothers.     Hovering above the round table and thick beize cloth was a swirling cloud of cigarette smoke; my grandfather and his middle son were sixty-plus-a-day …

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